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Re: [Re: [Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]]]

owner-dinosaur@usc.edu wrote:
> ---Caleb Lewis <christianwarior7@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > So, if we go along with your line of reasoning, _Succhomimus_ would 
> > never have grown so large. You stated that evolution has a way of 
> > "weeding out all the useless bodyparts and forms." well, if it was an 
> > insectivore, then the size was useless, and it would not have grown
> to 
> > be so large.
> >    Second, could you imagine how many pound of insects that thing 
> > would've had to eat in a day to maintain itself at that size??
> On what do you base these assertions? 

Read the post I was responding to. It's too late to go into it now.
> The largest known animal ever to have lived on earth is alive right
> now.  It eats some of the smaller animals on earth.  It just eats lots
> of them.

I'm getting cranky because I'm getting tired, so all I have to say to this part 
is: I've already touched on that whale thing, and I don't want to again.

> Have you ever seen an ant-eater in "person?"  They are not tiny
> animals.  They eat insects, actually rather smallish ones.  

Compare that to something the size of Succhomimus.


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