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Re: dinosaur cloning

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From: Stewart, Dwight <Dwight.Stewart@VLSI.com>
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Stewart, Dwight <Dwight.Stewart@VLSI.com>
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Date: 26. november 1998 2:36
Subject: RE: dinosaur cloning

> Well, maybe no - maybe yes.  It depends on what we mean by reurrect.
>I agree that without basal
> DNA, they couldn't be sure, but the animal they ended up with looked
>exactly like the
> earlier bovine form.  BTW - a herd has been maintained in Germany.
> Dwight

I doubt they could have obtained the original DNA just by following the
superficial (outside looks) characteristics. Can the new breed ("species")
interbreed with _Bos bovis_?
By the way, it is interesting that the area south of Zagreb (capitol of
Croatia) still bares name after _Bos primigenius_ ( Tur in Croatian):
Turopolje (Tur's fields)

Berislav Krzic