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Re: [Re: [Suchomimus tenerensis]]

Larry Dunn & Dunner wrote:

<<Have you ever seen an ant-eater in "person?"  They are not tiny
animals. They eat insects, actually rather smallish ones.>>

Brandon Haist wrote:
<it depends on which type of Anteater (if you are talking about the
Ardvark, not just any animal that eats ants).>

  Aardvarks are not anteaters. They're more closely related to
elephants than anteaters. As for the Meliphagidae, giant anteaters are
large, reaching almost to the average man's hip at the shoulder, while
most anteaters (like the tamandua) are far smaller (and arboreal,
hardly analogous).

  And that's termites; these are more prone to eat non-ants than ants,
including bees.

<I know that this is old, but Grisslies which eat whatever they can
find, eat as much salmon as they can, since they are always hungry.>

  Bears are also omnivores. Also not really analogous.

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