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As Mickey would say, administrativa...

        Time for my semi-annual whine...
        The Dinosaur Digest is getting way, way too long, and the
content/noise ratio is dropping dangerously low. Solution? Raise the
content/noise ratio and the rest will follow. To that end:

        1.      PEOPLE, PLEASE EDIT YOUR QUOTATIONS! I won't single anyone
out here, but *somebody* yesterday quoted nearly two pages of text (granted,
the line breaks were screwy) in order to give one line of response. Please,
find the part you are directly responding to, and quote that. Or, give the
date and the author (usually just the author is enough, but PLEASE be sure
you have the correct author), and a few lines of text to remind the casual
reader of the topic. Really, there is an archeive, in an emergency, we can
all go back and find the message.

        2.      I ask again, if there is *ANY* way you can turn off the
function on your e-mail program which appends an HTML file to your message,
please do so. My e-mail doesn't do this, so I don't know if you can turn it
off or not, but it would shorten the list considerably if you did.
        I guess some of you may not know your e-mail program does this. I
would imagine that if you have links in your messages, it probably does.

        3.      Also, when replying to an e-mail, some programs will append
the ENTIRE text of the message being responded to at the end of your reply.
If you can disable this, please do so. I know that some programs will ask if
you wish to include the original text... PLEASE TYPE "NO". We don't need the
same message posted twice with ">" in front of every line.

        Mickey, I informally suggest that some form of penalty on the first
of the three gaffs listed above might be in order. Maybe...

     Jonathan R. Wagner, Dept. of Geosciences, TTU, Lubbock, TX 79409-1053
 "Only those whose life is short can truly believe that love is forever"-Lorien