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Thanksgiving Thanks

Hi Gang,

Sorry I have not been active but twins will do that to you as will school,
work, time....

Since this is a time of reflection and thanks for many in America and
personally, I have allot to be thankful for but since this is a list devoted
to the science of the Dinosauria, I will keep my praises limited to that. I
would like to express my thanks and gratitude to those who have contributed
greatly, either directly or indirectly to one of THE most rewarding and
successful years, paleontologically and academically, that I have yet to
experience! Most notably, I would like to publicly thank;

Dave Weishampel (JHU). For years of support of my work in the Arundel. Much of
this was light years farther than just lip service!

Jim Kirkland (Dinamation International) for his hard work and interest and to
the still anonymous person/persons who helped make my first major talk a
resounding success.

Rich Cifelli (UOk) Another great individual and scholar who's support has
benefited me and befriended me such that I am greatly enriched both
academically and personally.

Mike Brett-Surman (USNM) Likewise for his support, guidance and friendship
helped my nascent work in the Arundel come to fruition.

Others not on this list inclde Jim Doyle, UC Davis,  John Glaser, MGS, Gil
Brenner, SUNY,  Paul Deangelis, UOk, Brenda Chinnery, JHU, Rachel Burks TU,
Dan Brinkman,  Rob Weems, USGS, Norrie Robbins USGS, Des Maxwell, 
Warren Getler, Discovery Channel, Jeff Magee and Don Agee, Cherokee-Sanford

And may others from this list, Tracy, Mary, Ray, Jerry!...

This is a wonderful list!  I have met many of the faces attached to the email
addresses and it has been a great pleasure. Thank you for the wonderful
camaraderie, and yes, even friendships that have resulted from our missives!

Anyhow, I would like to take this sacred American Holiday to wish all of you,
regardless of which belief system you ascribe to, a very Happy Thanksgiving!  


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies