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Re: Dinosaur Cloning and Time Travel

Not too long ago, Brandon Haist wrote:


> >Today my Physics teacher said that you could not ever make a 100% perfect
> >heat engine, it would defy the laws of Thermo Dynamics (you couldn't
> >100% of your heat into 100% work), it was impossible.  I asked him
> >that what people said about flying?  Or Visiting the bottom of the ocean?
> >Or men on the moon?

Well, just yesterday I was conversing at the dinner table about Dino-Bird
relationships, and the various theories on how flight came about. When I got
to discuss "my theory", my younger brother (never to be outdone) stopped me
in my tracks and announced "his theory" of anti-gravity. He hypothesised
that a cat, when dropped, always lands on its feet. Also, a slice of bread
with peanut butter spread on it, always lands "face down" when dropped! So,
it is  his opinion that if this peanut butter sandwich were fastened to the
cats back, the conglomerate should hover at some distance above floor
level.....(I gave up discussing Dinosaurs that evening)....Larry F.