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Re: Dinosaur Cloning and Time Travel

In a message dated 11/27/98 7:16:18 AM Eastern Standard Time,
larryf@capital.net writes:

<< He hypothesised
 that a cat, when dropped, always lands on its feet. Also, a slice of bread
 with peanut butter spread on it, always lands "face down" when dropped! So,
 it is his opinion that if this peanut butter sandwich were fastened to the
 cats back, the conglomerate should hover at some distance above floor
 level..... >>

Your brother didn't invent that theory; I think it comes from the Journal of
Non-Replicatable Results (?).  They're the people who also brought you the
theory that stored National Geographics are causing a change in Earth's orbit
just before the collapse of the planetary crust.
Ever noticed how Murphy's Law, which includes the face down peanut butter
sandwich corollary, seems to be the original statement of chaos theory?
Also, on topic, if you could travel faster than light and caught up with past
light waves you could see dinosaurs in the emitted light but not touch them.
The history-changing butterfly would be safe.
If you did use neotony to regress birds, wouldn't you still have the problem
of genes which would not express without prompting?  At some point wouldn't
the embryo become an individual rather than the primitive form you're looking
for?  And if you make the choice yourself, how would you know you're correct?
Probably my understanding is itself primitive, but since regression seems
theoretically possible I'm curious about the correct answer.