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vertebrate paleobiology symposium

     Last summer I distributed information about my symposium on vertebrate 
     functional morphology and paleobiology, to be held as part of the 
     meeting of the North-Central Section of the Geological Society of 
     America on April 22-23, 1999, at the University of Illinois in 
     This is to remind interested participants that I need your abstracts, 
     on official GSA abstract forms, in early January.  I had lots of folks 
     express an interest in speaking at this meeting.  Thus far I have 
     received a grand total of 0 (count them: zero) abstracts.  
     Unless the rate of abstract submission dramatically increases, this 
     could be a rather uninformative symposium.  I may be reduced to 
     reading notes and showing pictures of the interesting behavior of my 
     dog.  Mainly she sleeps.  
     Not a pretty prospect.  Please get those abstracts in to me.