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old dino books

Kind sirs and madam,  I am a rather elderly (62) children's librarian at 
the smallest branch library in my town (Tacoma, Wa) and have reached the 
dinosaur section of my library to weed.  Will some kind person out there 
please answer me (off list so as not to clutter the list with extraneous 
material) the following questions:
1. Is it safe to assume that any book published after 1990 is reasonably 
accurate for reports by middle and high school students?
2. Does anyone know if these books published between 1985 & 1990 are 
accurate or should be out the door---
        DINOSAURS ALL AROUND THE WORLD by Caroline Arnold photo's by 
Richard Hewett
        THE DINOSAURIA edited by David Weishampel, Peter Dodson, & 
Halszka Osmolska
        DINOSAUR DATA BOOK by David Lambert & the Diagram Book
and a series of books by Rupert Oliver Illustrated by Roger Payne 
published by Rourke press of Vero Beach Fla.  Sample titles are:
Protoceratops, Chasmosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, etc.

I do not want to discard any book that is still accurate no matter what 
the publishing date nor do I wish to keep anything that isn't as up to 
date as possible within budget limits.
Thank you everyone
Loralee Armstrong