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Re: Out of date dino books

JJ wrote...

>I don't think it's a good idea to throw away any out of date dino books
>since nothing is lost if their info is wrong.

I agree with this completely, with the only exception being that I'd like to
put quotes around the word "wrong." My shingle says P Chem on it, and I am
happy to read stuff written before the "quantum revolution," and to see what
the giants of 100 years ago or more said about the subject of their
expertise. It would be a big mistake to "throw away out of date" writing of
Thompson or Faraday (or, most conspicuosly, Newton), just because their
descendents upped the ante.

Mr. Jackson also wrote...

>All dino books are wrong.

So are all other books.

Doesn't mean squat, unless we are ideologues.