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Re: good references?

Shuko Funaki wrote:

> I have some references on dinosaurs such as Dinosauria, and I wonder
> if
> someone knows good references on:
> 1) marine reptiles
> 2) reptiles (except for dinosaurs)
> 3) mammal-like reptiles
> I'd greatly appreciate it if you could recommend good references,
> either
> by posting to the list or by E-mailing me directly.  Thanks.
> Shuko

  Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution by Robert L. Carroll (W.H.
Freeman & Co, New York) is excellent if you can get a copy (maybe from a
university library).  Carroll covers all groups of vertebrates, from
agnatha to mammals.

The Ecology and Biology of Mammal-Like Reptiles (ed. by Nicholas Hotton
III, Paul D. MacLean, Jan. J. Roth & E. Carol Roth) Smithsonian
Institute Press, washington & London, 1986
has some very good articles in it

there a good book by Chris McGowen which cover ichthyosaurs & other
mesozoic tetrapods; I think the title's "Dinosaurs, Spitfires and Sea

Kewl!   :-)


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