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Dinosaur TV Week

Better late that never --

Here are some highlights of U.S. national televsision programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from
high art to low trash and back again, all times Eastern (check local
listings to confirm):

Look for a program that airs on PBS called Science Quest.  This week
or in the weeks thereafter will be an episode called "Digging Up The
Past" -- about paleontologists.

Wednesday, December 2

HISTORY Channel, 8:00pm
Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters
Marsh v. Cope.

Wednesday, December 2/Thursday, December 3
HISTORY Channel, midnight
Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters

Thursday, December 3
HISTORY Channel, 4:00am
Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters

Saturday, December 5
WNYW-TV ("superstation" or syndicated on Fox) 7:00am
Secrets of the Animal Kingdom
"Snack Attacks"
Apparently includes segment on tyrannosaurs.  Your move.  May air a
few days before or after in your market.

Discovery Channel, 2:30pm
Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious Universe
"Mystery Cats"
Sightings of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

Thank my godlessness that the dinosaur list has a high IQ!!!  (Don't
ask.)  See you all December 9 when I return from the sunny Caribbean. 
Will seek out the Bermudan Tiger, thought extinct.

"Atheism -- a non-prophet organization"


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