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Re: In the interests of science...

In a message dated 11/30/98 6:51:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, garrison@efn.org

<< See you all December 9 when I return from the sunny Caribbean.             
 >Will seek out the Bermudan Tiger, thought extinct.                          
 Well, you aren't going to find it, as Bermuda is off the
 coast of South Carolina and nowhere near the Carribean Sea.

He has an even worse problem:

>From the luncheon menu of the Warren Tavern
2 Pleasant Street, Charlestown, Mass.:

Bermuda Wings          $4.95
Deep fried with a special
Island seasoning and served 
with a Bermuda tiger sauce.

I would include the url, but I know how you feel about making sauces of near-
extinct animals.  And Massachusetts is not always sunny at this time of year.