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Re: Archives

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:19:43 -0400
From: Joe Beamon <c992@scatcat.fhsu.edu>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: archives
Message-ID: <3611953F.3DD2@scatcat.fhsu.edu>

Hey there. I just signed on, and am interested in getting all the posts
concerning pterosaur ancestry. However, I can't seem to get to the web
site that has the archives, and I have no real burning desire to get the
last month's posts and hunt-and-peck through them. Anyone else having
this problem, or do the fates conspire only against me?

Joe B.


I`ve been looking for info on pterosaurs myself. Since getting this computer
last May, I`ve looked up the subject in Yahoo (or similar) a few times, and
was always directed to a number of articles in the Dino Archives. I`ve saved
whatever I found to disc, but the amount of info on these creatures, sorry
to say, dosen`t seem to amount to very much. (Then again, I haven`t looked
much past page 10 of these reference sites.) What I have specifically on
pterosaur evolution, amounts to about a half dozen short blurbs, relating to
thecodonts moving into the trees possibly to escape predators, or for "safe"
nesting  sites., as well as some mention of gliders being quite successful
as an overall form. This, by the way, in Sept. 95. (I can send you what I
have, if you wish...Joe).

Other info on pterosaurs was on the hairy variety,(or not?). Or whether or
not they were" top heavy", and that`s about all I`ve found. Nothing, I
think, in the past month or two, or three... PS, I`ve saved all my diaries
back to 714 (July 11) if this in any way might restore what might have been
lost in that hard disc crash.

As far as pterosaur ancestry, I guess the"cutting edge" is being discussed
at "Snowbird". We might ask some pertinent questions when the attendees
return! Hope this helps....Larry.