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Re: Dino Movie Trivia Question

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 Does anyone know the name of a film in which a kid (male) finds an egg
 (triceratops) that hatches into (guess what) a Triceratops.  Circa 1966.
  This was a made-for-television movie. According to the invaluble _The
Dinosaur Scrapbook_by Don Glut, It was an NBC Children's Theatre production in
the spring of 1978. I remember seeing it and reading the charming book as a
kid (does anyone remember _The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek_?). The book's
illustrator, Louis Darling was the husband of Lois Darling, formerly a
scientific illustrator at the American Museum. Her work appears in a number of
Colbert books. Louis Darling's drawings were based on sculptures at the
American museum. The Triceratops in the film was the 1964-65 World's Fair
sculpture by the late great Louis Paul Jonas created for the Sinclair Oil
exhibit. There was no animation that I remember. Dan Varner.