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Dwight Stewart wrote:

<Speaking of Ceratopsians; a friend of mine recently described some
Triceratops as being "rhino Sized".  Weren't some of them more
elephant sized.>

  In some cases, they were "rhino-like"; some close contenders for
size are the protoceratopsid (?) *Udanoceratops*, whose measurements I
estimate to be around 15 feet, though its trunk was more horse-sized.

  *Anchiceratops*, a chasmosaurine, was a little larger, as was
*Arrhinoceratops*, and these two would have made a rhinoceros blink,
for they had the mass and bulk to stop a tank. Each was between 15 and
18 feet, but for more massive than *Udanoceratops*.

  Then, *Centrosaurus*, *Einiosaurus*, and *Achelousaurus* were
various around the 18 foot range, while *Styracosaurus* was a little
larger, and all the rest (except protoceratopsians) were larger by
quite a bit, 20+.

  Elephant-sized? Yeah, but I bet one roar or bellow from a trike
would have sent Jumbo running.

Jaime A. Headden

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