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Re: Fossil auctions

In a message dated 98-10-01 13:07:25 EDT, you write:

<< One scenario would be where a contracted professional collector would paid
 to remove specific specimens from Toadstool National Park each season.  >>

  There's a lot of possible difference between a "professional" collector and
a commercial collector. Amatuer collectors too! A LOT of difference.
Commercial concerns seem to be constantly blurring the differences causing all
sorts of problems.I believe the U.S. Forest Service supervises Toadstool
(which is not a national park, by the way) and I think that they have been
considering such a proposition but I don't know what they have concluded. It's
funny you should mention Toadstool in northwestern Nebraska (a White River
deposit with Titanotheres). It's been heavily "sacked" by commercial
collection, skewing any attempts at biostratigraphy. I've been there and have
seen the plaster-splattered craters. Dan Varner.