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Re: Cheekless and lipless dinosaurs...

In a message dated 10/1/98 7:41:48 PM EST, bettyc@flyinggoat.com writes:

<< Dinosaurs do not have the range of motion to chew as a mammal does. 
 They can't roll the jaw from side to side -say in the typical
 cud-chewing motion of a cow.  Dinosaurs could ONLY go up and down, so
 teeth were staggered along the jaw to keep food in place to be chewed. 
 They didn't NEED lips and cheeks like us loose-faced mammals to keep
 from spitting out our food. >>

Not quite true of most ornithopods, from hypsilophodontians to hadrosaurs,
which had multijointed movable jaws and almost certainly some kind of cheeks
to keep the food from falling out the sides of the mouth.