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Re: Feathered Theropods -Reprise

At 01:49 AM 9/28/98 -0700, Peter Von Sholly wrote:
> I thought Velociraptors were about six feet long, half of that 
>tail.  Aren't wolves much bigger than that?  Bulk-wise, I mean?
Well, let's see, half of that six is tail, which is very light.  That
leaves about three feet of body.  That is about right for a wolf, indeed
perhaps even a bit smaller than a wolf.

Greg Paul, in _Predatory Dinosaurs_, estimates the weight of _Velociraptor_
at 7-15 kg. (And _Deinonychus_ at 50-75 kg).  My copy of _Encyclopedia of
Mammals_ places wolves at 12-80 kg, so _V._s *are* a trifle smaller than
wolves, and _Deinonychus_ is about the size of a *very* large male wolf.
(Based on some of the other notes in the wolf article, it appears that the
upper size range in restricted to certain localized races, with most wolves
being less than about 40 kg).

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