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Re: Dino Movie Trivia Question

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Date: donderdag 1 oktober 1998 18:38
Subject: Re: Dino Movie Trivia Question

>  This was a made-for-television movie. According to the invaluble _The
>Dinosaur Scrapbook_by Don Glut, It was an NBC Children's Theatre production
>the spring of 1978. I remember seeing it and reading the charming book as a
>kid (does anyone remember _The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek_?).

Yes, somewhere I've once found an old book that was probably a Dutch
translation of this book. Two kids find a Stegosaurus that talks and really
doesn't like mammals at all (they steal eggs). They meet when the dinosaur
kills a snake that threatened the children by stepping on the animal. Right?
Don't know if/where I still have that book...

Jarno Peschier

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