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Re: Dino Movie Trivia Question

The 3rd book I'll add to this list was "The Terrible Churnadryne"
written by Eleanor Cameron, who also wrote the "Mushroom Planet" series.
It is about an Elasmosaurus living near a northern California town. This
and the other two are what got me going on dino's and paleontology when
I was in second grade. Miss Brinker read "The Terrible Churnadryne" to
us in class, oh yeah, Miss Brinker.....

Mike Gindling wrote:
> -- [ From: Mike Gindling * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
> I bought "the Shy Steg. of Criole Creek"  from our school book club.  Just
> the other day I was thinking about this book and how it influenced to study
> dinosaurs but I could not remeber the title.  Thanks for completeing the
> circle.
> Mike G.
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>  Does anyone know the name of a film in which a kid (male) finds an egg
>  (triceratops) that hatches into (guess what) a Triceratops.  Circa 1966.
>  Thanks!
>  ES
>   >>
>   This was a made-for-television movie. According to the invaluble _The
> Dinosaur Scrapbook_by Don Glut, It was an NBC Children's Theatre production
> in the spring of 1978. I remember seeing it and reading the charming book as
> a kid (does anyone remember _The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek_?). The
> book's illustrator, Louis Darling was the husband of Lois Darling, formerly
> a scientific illustrator at the American Museum. Her work appears in a
> number of Colbert books. Louis Darling's drawings were based on sculptures
> at the American museum. The Triceratops in the film was the 1964-65 World's
> Fair sculpture by the late great Louis Paul Jonas created for the Sinclair
> Oil exhibit. There was no animation that I remember. Dan Varner.
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