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Re: Dino symbiosis?

Christopher Srnka wrote:

> I'm not sure that fossils can provide evidence of this, but I'll ask
> anyway; is there any indication of possible symbiotic relationships
> among dinosaurs (or dinosaur/ mammal, etc.)?
> -Chris Srnka

As far as I know, there is no fossil evidence for this, but I would not
be in the least surprised to learn that some species of pterosaur (or
later, birds), "hitched" rides on the backs of the larger Dinosaur
species, giving themselves a modicum of safety, while aiding the animal
in divesting itself of any skin parasites.

There is also a painting out there that I love, showing a T. rex lying
on the ground with its mouth agape, blissfully being ridded of parasites
by long-jawed pterosaurs (I'm not certain, but I believe that there is a
bird/crocodile relationship similar to that).  Again, none of that is
supported by fossil evidence, but I would not doubt that it occured.
Skin parasites on sauropods, for example, seems just too much of a good
food source to be ignored.....


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