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Re: Dino symbiosis?

Christopher Srnka wrote:
> I'm not sure that fossils can provide evidence of this, but I'll ask
> anyway; is there any indication of possible symbiotic relationships
> among dinosaurs (or dinosaur/ mammal, etc.)?
> -Chris Srnka

I can give a couple of extant examples, both of which involve human-
(avian)dinosaur symbiosis (and no Dinotopia jokes please!)

Peacocks have a habit of killing snakes on sight (especially cobras).
They don't seem to eat them (that I know of), but perhaps it has
something to do with clearing out any possible future egg-eaters.
Regardless of the reason, this may be one of the reasons why they are
encouraged around rural human settlements, despite the fact that,
once you get beyond their superficial appearance, they are in fact
noisy and highly arrogant birds. The birds tend to benefit from
a convenient food source (humans are such suckers for pretty chicks...
urgh, birds), and perhaps from a relatively predator-free environment.

Im Africa there is a well established symbiotic relationship between
humans and honey birds (if that is the correct name). The birds show
people where bea's nests are, and in return the human gives them
a piece of the honey comb, which they would otherwise not be able
to extract for themselves.

There you go, two examples of symbiosis between humans and dinosaurs,
and James Gurney nowhere to be seen.  :)

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

        Australian Dinosaurs: