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Re: Cheekless and lipless dinosaurs...

Ralph Miller III 1/3 wrote:

<One problem with the lipless model is that the tyrannosaurid would
lack the means to seal out bacteria, and disease and infection could
find easy entry into the animal. On the other hand, monitor lizards
make good use of oral bacteria when they bite into their prey,
infecting the bitten animal with bacteria which will kill the prey if
the wound itself does not.>

  This is a perfect example of a symbiotic relationship: the bacteria
feed on whatever the monitor feeds on, and the monitor gets a quicker
meal. Also good example for a poikilothermic reptile adapting to
homeothermic meals -- faster killing method for a slow animal
(relatively speaking -- monitors can move very quickly when all warmed

<So a tyrannosaur might have developed similar immunities (to the

 Why would a theoretically tachymetabolic warm-blood like a
tyrannosaur need to use bacteria to facilitate a kill? Certainly the
size of the prospective meal (a trike, say) would have a body mass so
great that any bacteria delivered in a bite would have a real hard
time of causing enough infection to injure (much less kill) breakfast.

Jaime A. Headden

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