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Symbiosis, Dinosaurs and Birds

  Once again, I must apologize for perhaps being a cranky, curmudgeonly, but
lovable, Von Sholly-type of complainer. Lord knows I try not to be! Right,
Pete? However, about once a month, someone on this list asks a question like
the recent query about symbiotic relationships between dinosaurs and other
animals and suddenly we are confronted with a smarmy reply dealing with
ornithology in some way. "Of course, dinosaurs do that because you can see
them doing that out your window every day." If one follows that logic out to
the bitter end this list could be taken over by the Audubon Society. Are we
going to start talking about sexing vesper sparrows or the winter range of the
Hooded Merganser? Are we going to get together for the annual Christmas
Dinosaur Count (Don't even think it, Ed!). It just irritates the hell out of
me-I'm sorry. Can't we just assume that we are talking here about non-avian
dinosaurs and their closest relatives? Please? Dan Varner.