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Re: Downgrading the Chixalube Impact

Larry Febo <larryf@capital.net> wrote
>I would like to
>know if any other people here have heard of this downgrading of Chixculub
>(from 180 km to 100 km.).

Morgan J, Warner M & The Chicxulub Working Group, Size and morphology
of the Chicxulub impact crater, Nature 1997; 390: 472-76 

See the above article. In this a combined group of proponents and opponents
of Chicxulub impact causing dino extinction reported that the transient crater,
which is most closely related to the amount of energy released, was about
100 km in diameter. The prominent 175-190 km feature is actually a fault
scarp, not the slumped rim of the crater.

See also in the same issue : Melosh H J, Multi-ringed revelation, Nature 1997;
390: 439-40. for a review of all the recent developments about the Chicxulub

Gautam Majumdar                 gautam@majumdar.demon.co.uk