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Re:Norman MacLeod's opinion of Alvarez' dispassion

At 09:47 AM 10/2/98 -0400, King, Norm wrote:
>I would say that a bolide is indeed implicated in the 
>extinction.  It is  implicated by the apparent contemporaneity 
>of the events (as go also pointed out).

Indubitably.  It has been several years since I, at least, l;last suggested

>  But is it the whole answer?  That's another question.

Indeed, I would say it is *the* question wrt the K-T extinction.

There are really only two widely held competing hypotheses: the pure impact
model, and the multi-factorial model.  In the latter the impact is, of
course, one of the many factors contributing to the extinction.

Note, recent evidence of a major impact in the Late Carnian is suggestive
that a large impact per se is insufficient to cause a major extinction, as
it does NOT correlate well even with a relatively minor mass extinction.

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