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Re: Downgrading the Chicxulub Impact

Larry Febo wrote:

>Haven`t heard of any "downgrade", but just got finished reading
>book ..."The Rise of Birds", where he indicates an approximate 600 km
>"Shiva" crater that he believes was concurrent with the Chicxalube impact.
>He also indicates that  small fragments of  additional bolide strike (s) at
>the K-T boundary were found in a drill core from Deep Sea Drilling Platform
>576 in the western north pacific. All this indicating multiple strikes from
>numerous bolides, all concurrent, and all lying in  an apparently straight
>line path circling the globe, which he terms the "Alvarez Impact Belt"! So,
>it could have been very similar to the Shoemaker-Levy impact on Jupiter not
>so long ago.

As far as I know, the Shiva crater is in two parts (one in India and the
other near some islands, can't remember which), because of plate movements.
Chatterjee thinks that both craters (Chicxulub and Shiva) were done by the
same bolide, which would have been fragmented when entering the earth

Best regards.

Félix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr