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Re: Birds?Dinos?

Chris (et al):

    My understanding is that both species are fairly complete specimens.  I
think that there is more than one _Protoarchaeopteryx_ specimen.  I have a
picture of one of them, and the fossil looks like 3-D, fresh roadkill.  The
pictures that I've seen of _Caudipteryx_ seems to show the same level of
preservation - i.e. high levels of detail (including feathers, body
contours, and potentially some internal organ outlines), 3-D bones -
slightly crushed, and apparently 75-90% of the skeleton.  Definitely NOT
trace fossils, and not very fragmentary.

        Allan Edels

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From: Christopher Srnka <theclaw@sprintmail.com>
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Date: Monday, October 05, 1998 1:08 AM
Subject: Birds?Dinos?

>What kind of specimens are known for _Caudipteryx_ and
>_Protoarchaeopteryx_? Are these partial or complete skeletons, or are we
>talking about fragmentary or trace fossils here? Just wondering.
>-Chris Srnka