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This just in.....

forget SVP, here's the good stuff.

I just picked up the current copy of GO FIGURE!-Oct/Nov 
(trashy action figure magazine deluxe)
and announced is ReSaurus's CARNAGE dinosaur action figure line.
It isn't discussed WHEN or WHERE or HOW MUCH these will be available


pictured are the action figures of:

Velociraptor (nice head-wierd stubby fingers)
Giganotosaurus (in the box)(out of the box with the T rex?)
Tyrannosaurs rex (in the box)
Stegosaurus (nice head-no throat ossicles)
Styracosaurus (which is the Triceratops mislabelled by the mag)
Triceratops (which is the Styracosaurus-way fancy paint job on head)

They 'look' nicer than the Kenner JP figures, but since this is in
advance of the product actually hitting the maket these could be proto
art and not the real thing.

-Betty Cunningham