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Theropod mandibles

I started my study and abelisaurs and I need some help. I began to examine theropod mandibles to find phylogenetically informative features. However I am in great lack of comparative evidence. As I can't take a plane to g in every museum carrying theropod lower jaws, I rely on you dear listmembers!
I checked my paleontological ref database about my problem but I didn't find much (the original description of Megalosaurus and some old monographs). I checked what was said in The Dinosauria about theropod mandibles, and I found many interestind informations. However, many anatomical features cited in this text were useful only considering one particular group, not the whole Theropoda (I'm currently on phylogenetic position of abelisaurs within the Theropoda).
So, here's the question: are there any interesting features in lower jaws for general theropod systematics? Which areas are the most interesting? Can you give me some refs (pictures AND detailed descriptions would be welcome).
Best regards.
Félix Landry
e-mail: forelf@internet19.fr