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Re: Birds?Dinos?

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Betty Cunningham wrote:

> ok, we probably been over this (on the list) in the past-but...  why the
> 'most recent common ancestor of _Triceratops_
(and modern birds)
> " equaling Dinosauria?? Why not Igunanodon as it's historical
> connection as first named Dinosaur?  Was this picked from a hat or was
> there a better reason?

Ask Gauthier -- he was the first to cladistically define Dinosauria. Some
have suggested that _Megalosaurus_ and _Iguanodon_ would be more proper 
anchors (although the clade would be exactly the same by standard
phylogenies), but Gauthier's definition has priority.

I think it had to do with traditional views on which is the most
"advanced" of the two lineages. Typically you see birds at one end of a
cladogram and ceratopsians at the other. Kind of arbitrary, yes.

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