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Re: SVP Report

Well, I'm back in the Mississippi delta, playing catch up after a week in Utah. 
 They have so much excess land out there, they have to lump it up in piles. And 
they make sure to put some of those piles everywhere you need to commute.  It 
was absolutely lovely.  I've never seen fall colors or terrain like that.  And 
on Saturday there was some yucky white rain, 'snow' I think they called it.  We 
tried taking the tram up to the top during the snow, and the tram died midway 
up, so we hung there a while and made a couple of additional attempts, gave up, 
and coasted back down.  They returned our money, but we kept our adrenaline 
rush.  I was mostly hanging out with a friend who's 20 years older than me.  He 
got about handily; I gasped and wheezed.  He even had enough excess energy to 
razz me about it.

Thanks Mary, for hosting the breakfast.  And to all the list members I met -- 
it was a pleasure.

Jim Cunningham