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Re: SVP Report -Reply

Actually, it sort of fits that the next odd beast with feathers, or some sort 
of featheroid structure - I'll wait and see it for myself - would be a 
perplexing group like the segnosaurs. Makes me think there may indeed be a 
Creator of some sort and she/he/it is really having fun at our expense. 
Couldn't dump some real pretty ones on a tyrannosaurid, no, but let's pick out 
those oddballs and keep the debate really complex.

A fun thing.

I had heard this from at least 5 sources months ago and, despite Josh's 
otherwise fine and, in my opinion, really straightforward and honest discussion 
of the age of the Chinese beds with Sino, it actually generated little reaction 
because I didn;t know any paleo person who didn't know by now. Looking forward 
to the eventual publication.

More later...


>>> <Dinogeorge@aol.com> 10/05/98 04:40pm >>>
In a message dated 10/5/98 2:26:04 PM EST, Chapman.Ralph@NMNH.SI.EDU writes:

<< Josh Smith finally publicly dropped the bombshell that many of us knew and
were waiting for - that the Chinese apparently have a feathered segnosaur
that's also pretty large (15 foot maybe). Obviously the devil will be in the
details here but it means these continue to be exciting times >>

Heard about this some time ago but didn't know size of creature. The feathers
do seem to put the segnosaurs into the theropod clade after all, don't they?
(Unless ornithischians and prosauropods turn up with feathers, that is.) Maybe
it's time for me to rethink segnosaur phylogeny.