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Dear Dinolisters,

Many thanks to those many dino-listers who made it to Snowbird, Utah, and to
the dino-list breakfast on Thursday morning, October 1st, 1998.  

Mary K. will (I'm sure) have the official report later --complete with
photographs, numbers and inside scoops!  The list breakfast would not have
occurred without Mary, and I appreciate the chance to help out.  For my part,
let me say that I was pleased to meet those of you who were able to make it.
E-mail names are a poor excuse for a handshake and some eye contact, and those
who attended seemed pleased to be able to put names and faces to the 25+ list
members who made it to the dino-list meeting.  SVP puts on a frantic
schedule--and this year was no exception--but here's hoping that next year's
dino-list breakfast in Denver is bigger and better than ever!

Patrick Norton