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[Fwd: Resaurus Carnage Figures]

reposted with permission from someone with more info on the figure list.

JROUG@aol.com wrote:
> The first of these IS already out (only one dinosaur in the case).  Hobby
> stores that order direct got them well over a month ago.  Absolutely fantastic
> looking and reasonably priced, too.  The only major retailers I know of that
> stock Resaurus toys are Target, Kay-Bee and Electronics Boutique.  I'm
> assuming that the big retailers are waiting for a mixed case assortment.  I
> would guess that Target and Kay-Bee are your best shots.  Good luck!

<< can I repost your message to the dinosaur mailing list as well?

> No problem.  The store that had them that I know of for sure was Hot 
> Comics in MInnesota.  Their number is 612-881 4799.  
> Don't know if they still have any..