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Re: SVP Report

Ralph Chapman wrote:
> Weishampel gave a nice summary of a project he had a art student do 
> on combining some of Gatesy's cine-radiographic work on walking 
> crocs with three-dimensional models of the bones, so you could see 
> the bones walking as the croc did. 

Hmm, I could really use this at work right now.  Would someone happen to
have Mr. Weishampel's email?

> that the Chinese apparently have a feathered segnosaur that's also pretty 
> large (15 foot maybe). 

Did they name it "Big Bird?"

> I think it was 
> quite clear from three-dimensional work, however, that the glancing 
> blow problem that seemed so daunting to Ken Carpenter and Tracy Ford 
> based on two dimensions basically evaporated instantaneously in 
> three-dimensions. Will lead to some interesting research on the 
> nature of glancing blows and their dependence on the contact surface 
> area and the smoothness and/or roughness of the butting surface. 

I apologize if this is a dense question but...
is this glancing blow assumed to be the head of another pachy?  
The shape of the striking object wasn't mentioned in your post.

-Betty Cunningham