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SADLG in situ

The Second Annual Dinosaur List Get-together was held on 10/1/98 
at the Cliff Lodge during SVP.  Thirty-one people attended the breakfast 
gathering, including Mike Brett-Surman, Chris Brochu, Pete Buchholz, 
Ralph Chapman, Jacqueline Chevalier, Rachel Clark, Jim Cunningham, 
Jim Farlow (late arrival), Tracy Ford, Melissa Fox, Cliff Green, Scott
Kim Heman, Rich Hengst, Michel Henry, Tom Holtz, Judy Horan, Mary
 Kirkaldy, Jim Kirkland, John Lanzendorf, Lois McMillin, Bruce Mortenson, 
Jim Norton, Pat Norton and wife Diana, Greg Paul, Rich Penney, Luis Rey 
and wife Carmen, Michael Skrepnick, and Virginia Tidwell.  

It was very pleasant to see old friends and meet new ones from our dino 
list, including both regular posters and lurkers.  After enjoying the repast 
of pastries and juice, we gave out valuable prizes including t-shirts with 
Michael Skrepnick's _Sinosauropteryx_ and _Caudipteryx_ paintings, 
donated by Kim Heman's company Primordial Soup, Inc., as well as a 
variety of fine smaller items.  We then introduced ourselves and exchanged 
thoughts on the dynamics of the list and where we fit in on the character 

Our gathering was obviously the place to be, as we had some attempted 
crashers.  A number of pictures were taken, so look for Mickey's remote-
but-scientific viewing of what happened.  A big thanks to Pat Norton for 
donating his time and many of the prizes and for sharing the host duties.  
We hope to see the same and more faces at TADLG in Denver in the 
fall of 1999.