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ReSaurus Carnage figures...

I ordered my Carnage _T.rex_ and _Giganotosaurus_ from Link and Pin
hobbies from their web site. I was impressed by the sculpting job,
although the two figures share the body and leg pieces. The articulation
was nice, but the models are too heavy for the joints to support the
weight without additional support. When I saw that ReSaurus had done the
figures, I went to see them (ReSaurus is based in Columbus, OH where I
live). I met Mike Compton, the President of ReSaurus, who turns out to
be a big fan of Greg Paul (surprise, surprise) and is planning on a
second series of figures soon. ReSaurus' web site has good images of the

current series online. My nit picky criticism of the figures is this:
the _Giganotosaurus'_ head appears to be too wide, and the
_Tyrannosaurus'_ arms are in the "old" folded-like-a-bird's arm position
(at least I think it's old, I had seen how Greg Paul had changed one of
his _Tyrannosaurus rex_ drawings from Predatory Dinosaurs of the World
to the image that is in the Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Encyclopedia.)
And, I
suppose, because the _Velociraptor_ is unfeathered, it's "incorrect."
-Chris Srnka