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Dino Symbiosis

Whoa! Easy there! My original query, if I remember correctly, was
(paraphrased), "Is there, or rather, can
there have been evidence gleaned from fossil specimens that could
suggest dinosaurian symbiosis?" I
suppose to make matters clearer, I could have specifically said, "in
particular, adaptations in extinct
non-avian dinosaurs which would suggest, at the least, a parasitic
tendency, since some behaviors are
obviously difficult to interpret from fossils." Most of the people who
responded to the post understood me
correctly; one person replied that we can observe symbiotic
relationships in avian dinosaurs, i.e.. birds,
today, to which yet another list member responded with a controlled rant
against the inclusion of modern
avian dinosaurs in an answer to a query which concerned fossils. I
agreed with the latter assessment, in
particular in regards to the response to my particular question, and
then you came in. Did you read all of the
other posts? Are you in the habit of interpreting a single, nine-word
sentence as evidence that people are
arrogant and think they are better writers than they are? I'm not a
great writer, and I won't pretend to be. My
response to your post was not malicious in intent; I had incorrectly
assumed that you had been following the
thread, and wanted clarification regarding what application the
previously mentioned conditions (i.e.., the
exclusion of modern avian dinosaurs from consideration in formulating an
answer to my question). I'm sorry
for having incurred your wrath, and I will endeavor to state future
inquiries as clearly as possible.
In all seriousness, Chris Srnka