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Re: Birds?Dinos?

GOBI 2010 wrote: 5 Oct 98:

>I've been wondering about this question for a while...
Because of the new feathered dinosaurs, and other discoveries, what is a
bird and what is a dinosaur? Or are they the same thing, or is a bird a
dinosaur that flies/glides and a dinosaur a bird that's grounded? (Would
that make 'flightless birds' dinosaurs???).....

A good point to ?start? birds would be: the first creature to be able to
generate enough lift using feathers to allow it to take off and climb for
some distance exceeding that given by leg thrust from the substrate.  The
term ?Protobirds? could be given to their ancestors (and would technically
include ?Birds?) though how far back protobirds would go is another