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Jeff Hecht:  4 Oct 98

>There's also tremendous work needed on early
avian evolution, to sort the feathered dinosaurs from the flightless birds,
for example. --

You can put them all in the same bag if you see a feather as a structure so
perfectly adapted for flight that it could only have arisen in aerial forms!

[I wrote that yesterday but I?ll stick to it.]

# # #

Good thing I did one more email download before going to bed. . .

DinoGeorge said:
<The feathers
do seem to put the segnosaurs into the theropod clade after all, don't they?
(Unless ornithischians and prosauropods turn up with feathers, that is.)
it's time for me to rethink segnosaur phylogeny.

Wait until the ?feathers? turn out to be Caudipteryx style feathers;
Sinosauropteryx style feathers aren?t feathers at all.