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Re: two new papers

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:


<They also suggest that _Pelecanimimus_ may be an ornithomimid-mimic,
and closer to spinosaurids. (I am not exactly overwhelmed for the data
for this last hypothesis, given the weight of evidence of shared
derived characters between _Pel._ and Ornithomimidae, and with _Pel._,
Ornithomimidae, and Troodontidae).>

  Bah. I'll say. The hand, the snout, the extreme similarity to
*Sinornithoides*, structure of the teeth, etc. etc. Pity no pes with
it. May vindicate my little idea about *Garudamimus* having a reversed
arctomet structure, for both the outgroup to Ornithomimosauria
(Troodontidae) and the outgroup to that group (Bullatosauria, but you
knew that, didn't you? ;) being Tyrannosauroidea) one would say it is
more parsimonious to indicate a reversal than the ornithomimids
attaining an arctomet with extactly the same condition and structre as
their larger and smaller relatives. Right?

<Oh, and be warned: _Coelurus_ is going to be a very important taxon
in future phylogenetic studies, in part due to a new specimen,>

  Well, it's about time! I've been waiting for five years! (I'm
relatively young, so this is almost a quarter of my life!)

Jaime A. Headden

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