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Re: SVP Report

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From: Ralph Chapman <Chapman.Ralph@NMNH.SI.EDU>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Date: maandag 5 oktober 1998 21:35
Subject: SVP Report

>Harvard student Leon Claessons gave a nice talk on theropod
>respiration [...] Great talk.

Without having ever been near to SVP (unfortunately, maybe sometime in the
future...) I must agree with this. Somewhere last year I attended a short
talk by Leon Claessens in Utrecht University, at the Department of Geology.
I was still a CS student then and just happened to notice the announcement
of the talk in the Geology building while I happened to be there, and I
simply had to attend it, being the dino-nut I am.

I believe he studied geology in Utrecht and was asked back to give this
talk. He kept it fairly general (especially in the beginning, with nice
photo's of his work at/around the Royal Tyrrell) but did move into the work
he had been doing with (among other things) looking at large numbers of
gastralia, cutting into a number of crocodiles for conparisions and some of
the conclusions he came up with. I guess his SVP talk was a more detailed
and extended version of the material he skimmed on at that talk in Utrecht.

I really plan to attend some dino-related conference. SVP will be out of the
question for quite some time I fear, but the upcoming thing in Düsseldorf,
Germany (it was there, wasn't it?) might be a great way to start. Any of you
guys planning to go there? Well, I get back to work. And lurking on this
list and learning...

Jarno Peschier

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