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dino extinction?

2nd question of the day... this also stems from me watching the special
on sea turtles the other day. I'm someone who happens to subscribe to
the impact theory but also does not think it was the only reason dinos
died out (okay, non avian dinosaurs to be PC).. 

now, i -know- turtles and crocodiles are not dinosaurs, and i know that
they are cold blooded, whereas its its popular to think that dinosaurs
were warm blooded.. but.....

the show mentioned that both turtles and crocodiles layed eggs and
buried them.. we know for sure that at least some dinosaurs did this.
they also said that temperature could determine the gender of the
hatchlings while they were still in the shell.  What if, do to the
Impact or whatever, the climate changed so severely that the temperature
was affected to this scenario. Is it possible that .. or should i say,
is it -likely- that dino eggs were governed by the same temperature
parameters concerning gender? what if a global cooling made the majority
of the eggs one gender and not the other? what if there was a horrible
gender imbalance and .. along with the many other problems going on at
that time... dinosaurs just couldn't find mates?

is this plausable?

Jamie Close
Dino Enthusiast