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Re: dino extinction?

James, Zen, et al:

    To me it seems likely that some dinosaurs had similar sex differentials
based on temperature.  However, we don't know which if any, we don't know
which way the selection might have leaned (i.e. too warm => all males, too
cool => all females - or vice versa!), and we don't know if the impact event
affected this aspect of dino lives.  (Personally, I think the impact did
affect them in this area - but only as an additional point of stress.  Also,
I think that the effects may have been due to a different range of
temperatures than the other 'reptiles' and amphibians needed to create
different sexes.  If the dinosaur range was more restricted than the other
animals, the eggs might never have hatched!!!)

    Allan Edels

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Subject: Re: dino extinction?

>On Tue, 6 Oct 1998 10:01:16 -0400  James Close writes:
>>the show mentioned that both turtles and crocodiles layed eggs and
>>buried them  (snip)
>>. Is it possible that .. or should i say is it -likely- that dino eggs
>were governed by the >same temperature parameters concerning gender?
>Unfortunately, this is most likely unknowable.  Not all turtles exhibit
>temperature determinant sex selection.  I'm not sure that there are any
>physical characteristics which would fossilize to indicate which aprcies
>are and which species aren't.
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