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Re: Just flew back from SVP...

Allan Edels wrote:
> Please, Josh, more, more.....

> >Jeff Poling wrote:
> >>
> >> >Oh, and Josh Smith mentioned something about the forthcoming feathered
> >> >therizinosauroid from Liaoning: more on this in the near future...
> >>
> >>    Oh be still my heart.
> >>
> >
> >
> > ...very large, very evil grin.
> >
> >-Josh
> >

        OK.  Here is the deal.  I let out about as much as _Nature_ will 
allow prior to publication.  They have a rather strict stance on this 
non-disclosure point of theirs and have been known to retract accepted 
papers when data from those papers have been released prior to publication.  
They also violate this point whenever they see it fit.  They have not yet done 
so.  I will see whatever else I can drop, but it may not be much.  This 
isn't MY paper and I don't want to see the authors get screwed because 
_Nature_ finds out that some idiot (me) went around babbling about some 
critter before he should have.  Not that my stance would be different if 
it WERE my decription, mind you...(grin).

        Just to be a bastard, though, I WILL say that boy are you guys 
going to want to read this paper when it comes out...wow.  I would say 
that it adds some support to Ji et al. 1998's hypothesis that feathers 
have little to do with the diagnosis of birds, eh? 


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