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Re: ceratopsian carriage etc

  One unsettled area of contention that is vital to bringing this argument to
a conclusion is the condition of the glenoid (shoulder) joint in the Milwaukee
Torosaurus. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Johnson and
Ostrom consider it well-preserved and Greg Paul considers it crushed and
  I consulted Bakker's _Dancing Dinosaurs_ paper in Czerkas and Olsen's
_Dinosaurs Past and Present_,Vol.1, 1987, about this topic. Can someone out
there explain his figure 13c on page 53 (a centrosaur "showing shoulder
swing"). The right front limb of the animal seems to be defying time and
space. It is either passing through the right hind limb, is in some type of
super-sprawl, or is planted between the hind limbs. I don't get it. None of
the supposed trackways look anything like that. The manus prints are always in
front of the pes, not behind-right? Dan Varner.