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Re: Feathers on Bloody Everything

In the midst of all the (premature?) excitement, folks, let's not forget
that there is pretty good evidence, in the form of integumentary casts and
similar fossils, that at least some adult dinosaurs did NOT have feathers -
including theropods like Carnotaurus.  Even if the new Therizinosaur is
decked out like a peacock, the most you could say is that feathers are
likely to be shared derived characters only for descendants of the common
ancestor of therizinosaurs and birds - and. like mammalian hairs, can be
subject to secondary loss.  There is nothing parsimonious about assuming
from what we know now that, say, Triceratops had feathers (good grief, what
a thought!) - especially if you consider, not just the feather evidence,
but the whole evidence on dinosaur integument.
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