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Re: DOWNY STEGOSAURS (WAS: Re: Feathers on Bloody Everything)

With feathers being pasted onto so many different animal lineages because some
other animal had them, I've started to wonder (naively) about what might be
called anticipations.

An example from ancient Egypt:
 ...around 12,000 BC, the Nile Valley settlers developed a form of
agriculture, although primitive, well in advance of other cultures...Yet the
reappearance of game around 10,500 BC resulted in the abandoning of what were
obviously harder and poorer methods of survival...It seems probable that yet
another climatic change around 5500 BC did indeed encourage the introduction
of agriculture from neighboring countries.
(World of the Pharaohs, Hobson, p 49)
When did agriculture in Egypt begin?  5500.  Was it imported from neighboring
countries?  Yes.
The agriculture in 12,500 was an anticipation because it did not continue.

So, I'm wondering if you can logically consider feathers present in related
animals if there is no proven continuity?